BIG Day Today!!

What a HUGE event today to film at!  Today, we had the opportunity to film at A3M‘s 20th Anniversary Benefit!  At this event we were able to capture some extraordinary stories including a first-time meeting between a 6 year old patient, Maya and her donor, Roseanne.

We are thankful for all the stories we were able to hear today and for the participants so willing to share their lives with us.

Maya and Family and Donor, Rosanne


The City of Angels

So here we are filming in Los Angeles this week to capture some local stories here.  One huge event we will be covering will be A3M’s annual fundraiser and concert which will host a patient/donor reunion!  We are so excited that the “City of Angels” is giving us some amazing stories of some truly selfless donors who have given the ultimate gift.

Los Angeles

But of course, it wouldn’t be documentary filmmaking if it weren’t for some unexpected events to keep us on our toes and mindful of the true reality of what this project will entail.  Before beginning interviews with a patient’s family today, she experienced a seizure and this definitely shifted any plans we had for filming.  Things are always so fragile and seeing a sick child is the the most challenging.

This is going to be a difficult film to make.  It will be an emotional one to say the least, but what happened today is the proof that things are constantly changing in the situations these patients are in.  We are grateful, so grateful to the participants that are so willing to share this very personal part of their life so candidly.  Today showed us how necessary this film is.  These stories need to be told.

Tonight Maya is in our thoughts…

Talking with Dr. Terasaki

Today we had the honor to speak with legendary scientist, Dr. Paul Terasaki, whose test, developed in 1964, became the international standard in which transplants are able to be matched up through identifying HLA typing.  Because of his research and continued work today, countless lives have been saved, in cord blood, marrow and organ transplants worldwide.

Filming at the Terasaki Foundation

Dr. Terasaki being interviewed

Jeff Chiba Stearns, Dr. Paul Terasaki and Athena Mari Asklipiadis of Mixed Marrow

Thank You, OneMatch, Hapapalooza and Vancouver!

This week we had the opportunity to work with the great people at OneMatch, Canada’s national registry.   Mixed Marrow coordinated with OneMatch Canada to host the first drive at Hapapalooza, a multicultural Vancouver event in celebration of the city’s 125th Anniversary!

Check out the photos from our first day of filming here:

OneMatch Drive at Hapapalooza

Jeff Chiba Stearns filming a newly registered donor!

Filmmaker, Jeff Chiba Stearns signs up as a new donor!


Filming Has Begun!

Today in Seattle, Jeff set out to interview a teenage patient and her parents who are in the process of finalizing transplant details.

Welcome to the Mixed Match Movie Blog!

Welcome to the blog for the film, Mixed Match!   We will update you here on the progress we are making with the film production and inform you of all upcoming screenings once the film is completed.

Mixed Match is an inspirational, emotional, and evocative feature-length documentary by multi award winning filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns that explores the need to find mixed ethnicity bone marrow and cord blood donors to donate to multiethnic patients suffering from life threatening blood diseases such as leukemia.  This live action and animated film is a dramatic journey focusing on the main characters’ struggles to survive against incredible odds.

Mixed Match is an important human story told from the perspective of youth who are forced to discover their identities through their deadly illnesses and how their mixed backgrounds threaten their chances at survival, thus highlighting why in this day and age, race still matters.

With the help of Mixed Marrow and first-hand stories from patients and their supporters, we hope to spread awareness about the need for multiethnic donors worldwide.

Please help us make this film a reality and donate today!