Filming in Southern California Again!

So Cal

Beautiful Overlook of Los Angeles from Elysian Park/Echo Park Area

We began the SoCal filming journey on April 25th, 2014 in San Diego.  Athena went there to pick up Jeff from a screening of his film, “One Big Hapa Family,” at Grossmont College.  The drive in traffic was definitely a precursor to how the rest of the week would be filming all across SoCal! Here are the stops we had planned for the week:



As you can see, we really got to run around and Jeff got to see all of the diversity California can offer!  Rodeo Drive to farms in Oxnard, we saw it all!  😀

We also got to enjoy the sunny Cali weather!  It was in the 90’s most days!  Luckily all but one of our shoots were indoors thank goodness!

Here is a brief rundown of our events/shoots April 25-May 4:

4/25/14: Jeff comes to LA, Athena and Jeff attend USC (University of California) dinner with Duncan Williams (Professor and Director of the USC Center for Japanese Religions and Culture).

4/26/14: Athena and Jeff spend the entire day 10am-10pm at Hapa Japan Remix conference and events at USC

4/27/14: Athena and Jeff attend a Hapa Japan meeting and attend a mixer for Hapa Japan attendees and UCLA Mixed Student Union conference attendees.

4/28/14: Jeff and Athena visit Advanced Radiation Center of Beverly Hills to speak with Suzy, an employee there whose sister battled Leukemia.

4/29/14: Jeff and Athena visit CFG – Lighting and Grip Rental in Sunland to check out some local options for lighting rentals.  Then off to El Segundo to interview Farzana, multiracial mom and board member of Multiracial Americans of Southern California.

4/30/14: On the road again!  Jeff and Athena take the day to visit Lily in Oxnard who is a new mom and historian at the Japanese American National Museum.

5/1/14: Jeff and Athena hit the road to visit the City of Hope in Duarte, CA.  They sit down with Joyce who is a recruiter for Be The Match at the City of Hope and met the amazing staff in her office!  Later that evening, Jeff runs off to attend opening festivities for the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival at the Directors Guild of America where he will be screening a film on the 3rd and Athena runs off to attend a networking mixer at Chateau Marmont for the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival!

5/2/14: Jeff and Athena plan to meet with patient, Krissy, but unfortunately she cannot and we have to reschedule.  We take the day to brainstorm and take a breather from the 7 days we had going non-stop.  We decided to chill and visit the Japanese American National Museum to visit friend, Kip Fulbeck’s awesome new exhibit, Perserverence!  And of course since we were in J-Town aka Little Tokyo, we got some good Ramen for lunch at Daikokuya! Yum!

5/3/14: Back on our road trip!  This time to Claremont to visit marrow donor, Alex!  We were so excited to connect with her and follow her story!  Then rush back to the LA Asian Pacific Film Fest to be there for Jeff’s screening of Yellow Sticky Notes – Canadian Anijam

5/4/14: We visited our last interviewee, Krystin and her family at their home in Cerritos before Jeff hops on his plane back to Canada!

Stay tuned for more detailed posts of each day’s events!


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