Filming in LA this Spring

After a hiatus, we are back at it and working on some of our last shoots in Los Angeles!  We took some time focusing on our budget and shaping the concept.  We also have entered various contests and applied for grants (shout out to MASC for there generous guidance and help in this process) and we had the privilege of Mixed Match being the recipient of the Super Channel 2012 Feature Documentary Award at the beginning of the year!

We were able to attend the Hapa Japan Festival in April where we filmed Mixed Marrow drives and we were able to show an extended clip during the scholarly conference that week which was well received!

hapa japan 2hapa japan 3hapa japan 4

Be sure to check out the exhibit, Visible and Invisible: A Hapa Japanese American History at the Japanese American National Museum which is open through August.  Our trailer is running inside the exhibit theatre along with other great film trailers!

We also had a chance to sit down with Jane Yamashiro who studies race and teaches on the topic.  She gave her insights to how race and ethnicity play in health as well as inherited genetics.

hapa japan 5

Then we had the pleasure of joining patient, Krissy Kobata at a home dinner where we were able to capture some great moments of her with her family…

krissy april 1

…and of course got to see her beloved doggie again who is very much a special part of her family!

krissy april 2

We are happy with everyone’s continued support on our film and are happy that since our last blog entry, we have been able to raise $14,269 on our Indiegogo campaign thanks to the generous donations from the public and we have also got into the Deal Maker program at Hot Docs in Toronto where Jeff will make his film pitch this week!

Please keep up with all of the latest by coming back here to our blog and visiting our facebook page!  We will be filming some more in LA next month and with some new subjects this summer.

Many thanks to all of you for making this possible and your commitment to saving lives!

-Jeff and Athena


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